Management Team

Ryunosuka Mochizuki
President & Founding Chairman

Mr. Mochizuki is an environmental scientist and the Founding Chairman of DT Graham. He has an extensive background on environmental science, environmental innovation and research. He founded DT Graham because of his lifelong passion to mitigate environmental issues. Before founding DT Graham, Ryunosuka has worked on various life changing projects in many multinational companies. Mr. Mochizuki earned his BS from Osaka University and an MBA from London School of Business.

Kunihiko Ehime
Corporate Relations Manager

Mr. Ehime brings over 10 years of consultancy experience in corporate service sectors. Here at DT Graham, he holds responsibility for the commercialization of Carbon Clear products and services, ensuring that they are in line with customer requirements and expectations. He has an extensive experience of introducing new products and services in line with market needs and he has led market entry strategies into Asian, European and Middle Eastern markets. Kunihiko obtained his BBA and MBA from the Business School of Carnegie Mellon University.

Kyle E. Wayne
International Sales Manager

Mr. Wayne’s background combines account management and business development with research and consultancy experience across a wide range of sustainability-related issues. Prior to DT Graham, Kyle worked in research and consultancy projects for private companies, government departments, and NGOs. He obtained his MS in Environmental Technology from University of New South Wales and later he completed his MBA from the University of Melbourne.

Minoru Yoshida
Key Accountant & Account Manager

Mr. Yoshida serves as Key Accountant and Account Manager in DT Graham. Here basically he is working with the SME community, where he combines his experience of working for environmental and planning NGOs in Hong Kong and Japan. He has over 10 years of professional and educational experience in Urban Planning and Environmental Management/Sustainability working in community building, community construction, land conservation, water sensitive urban design and carbon management. He completed his BS in Urban Studies from the University of Tokyo and MS in Environmental Management from Kyoto University.

Stanley E. Ross
Carbon Manager

As a Carbon Manager, Mr. Ross is responsible for DT Graham’s carbon trading and sequestration strategy, credit procurement and portfolio management. He also leads the technical analysis and product development associated with carbon management and footprinting. Stanley’s background combines both corporate strategy and financial consultation with hands-on environmental and social project management. He has extensive experience across diverse aspects of the climate change sector, having worked for several years with sustainable forestry ventures. He is fluent in both Japanese and English. He has a BS in Geography from George Washington University and an MBA from Washington University, St. Louis.

Sakura Yamanashi
Marketing Manager

Ms. Yamanashi is DT Graham’s Marketing Manager, overseeing communications, public media and media relations. She works with our business and event customers and partners on strategies to promote their climate change efforts to staff, their own customers and to the public. She brings over 6 years of marketing experience in various charities, profit and non-profit organizations. She completed her BBA and MBA from the Graduate School of Economics and Business Administration of Hokkaido University.

Zoki Fukumi
IT Manager

Zoki has extensive experience in Information Technology and Network Security sectors. With his passion to be a system administrator he is serving in DT Graham for more than 5 years. He has a Bachelor of Applied Science and he has worked with many System Security and IT firms throughout Asia and UK. Here at DT Graham, Zoki’s main focus to ensure environment friendly systems and processes are at the cutting edge so as to ensure efficiency and effectiveness for our clients.

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