Our Mission

We understand that with the increasing demand of world energy, GHG emission has also increased dramatically. GHGs adversely affect the environment and have a destructive effect on its habitants. GHGs are produced mainly by large-scale industrial productions of steel, cement, petroleum etc. Our prime goal is to reduce GHG emission by reducing fossil-fuel usage while inspiring the usage of renewable energy. We are aimed at combating against global warming by offsetting carbon emissions through funding the best quality clean energy projects.

Vision towards Clean Development Mechanism (CDM)

The Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) is one of the instruments created by the Kyoto Protocol to facilitate carbon trading. It is the first of the flexible mechanisms to come into effect, with the launch of the regulatory body, the CDM Executive Board in late 2002, the approval and registration of the first project, based in Brazil 2004.

The following map shows the geographical spread of CDM project.

We invest and develop projects across various countries which have vast potential in this sector. Argentina, Brazil, India, Korea and Vietnam are our focus. We are working with some of these countries at present and in future we have a very widespread plan for working with the rest. We invest in these countries in carbon offsetting and renewable energy sectors with a goal to maximize both economic and environmental benefits. Our reforestation and afforestation projects provide social and environmental benefits in these countries while adhering to international standards such as Verified Carbon Standard (VCS).

Vision towards Millennium Development Goals (MDG)

We’re not just involved with carbon trading rather from the very beginning of our journey we are working relentlessly to fulfill the eight MDGs. We have a very large and rich portfolio projects which gives a clear idea on our goal and achievements.

In the future we’ll continue to provide the world a cleaner environment with renewable energy and reforestation. We believe by executing a long-term effective carbon management strategy we can help make a positive impact on the world and invite you to be part of it.

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