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DT Graham is a pioneer in providing innovative carbon management solutions to industries and business firms who are ready to take a step to prevent climate change around the world. We feel proud to be a part of the move toward a global clean environment future.

DT Graham has grown from its humble beginning and currently it has become one of the leading reforestation and carbon trading companies of Japan. We’re currently focused on reduction of GHGs and increasing renewable energy usage while assisting and advising companies to achieve eco-harmony.

We recognize our obligation to the Mother Earth and to the companies and communities that we serve and we believe that long term quality of life largely depends on the quality of the environment. For this reason, here at DT Graham we act in a manner that conserves resources, minimizes waste, prevents pollution and safeguards the environment for our future generation.

Our work area is vast and we have experts and professionals who have expertise in many areas but mainly we work with reforestation and carbon credit trading. Our team is armed with global leading experts and professionals who have years of experience in afforestation/reforestation, carbon credits, renewable energy, information technology, climate research, financial research, marketing and so on. They are always dedicated to help you out with your emission level while minimizing costs and improving profitability.

The global carbon trading market is changing rapidly. At DT Graham we spend every day, thinking about the most cost effective way business firms and industries can take voluntary action and create an engaging story around their action. We are always talking to policy makers, global and local suppliers, and those already acting to ensure you gain best practice information from around the world.

We are very successful in current competitive market because we ensure that our clients are aware that carbon permits result in no reduction on the effects on GHG, rather carbon credits and offsets help to reduce GHG pollution indirectly. Governments, companies and individuals can trade in various types of carbon credits, carbon offset and carbon permit markets. This transparency issue makes us different and successful from others companies currently in the market.

Our trading policy, insight, skill in identifying the highest quality and most interesting projects and marketing expertise will ensure that you can gain maximum benefit from your carbon footprint offsetting program.

We are committed to ensuring the highest standards of quality in the voluntary carbon sector because all of our projects have highest standard Voluntary Carbon Services (VCS) credits. The VCS standard quality benchmark promotes sustainable development in global environment and certifies real emission reductions. We apply rigorous selection criteria and conduct thorough due diligence on all of our new projects. We manage and retire credits on behalf of our clients on robust independent registry systems, and provide full access to project documentation on our website. We follow international best-practice in all of our carbon management services, and undergo independent audits of our core activities.

We have a very rich project portfolio which shows our working efficiency. We are not isolated from the current world rather we always try to keep pace with current events and challenges. All of our projects are designed to contribute towards fulfilling the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

Here at DT Graham, we believe it’s not only business what we do, rather our work will play a vital role in developing a cleaner and more efficient sources of energy to ensure a better future for our descendants.

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