Reforestation Worldwide

Reforestation is a very important concept to the environmentalists and other corresponding bodies who are working for the environment protection. Almost every country with a rainforest or any other woodland growth potential is launching afforestation or reforestation project.

For instance, in Brazil because of extensive Amazon deforestation during the last decade the environment is now at a stake. So the government has taken some efforts for afforestation and reforestation of the Amazon Rainforest. Similarly USA, Germany, China, Indonesia, North Africa, Iran, Europe and some other countries have also taken some major steps towards reforestation.

Here’s a map which shows the current global forest status.

The reforestation projects in those areas is not just simple tree plantation. Forests are made up of a diversity of species and they build dead organic matter into soils over time. A major tree plantation program in those areas would enhance the local climate and reduce the demands of burning large amount of fossil-fuels.

So if all the projects that have been started worldwide come out successful then the future world will definitely be a better place to live in.


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