• About Reforestation

    Reforestation is the natural or intentional restoration of a forest or woodland that has been reduced by cutting down or fire or any other ...

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  • About Us

    DT Graham was conceived from a research project titled Reforestation for Better Future under a bunch of professionals. At present it has grown..

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  • About Carbon Trading

    A carbon credit is a generic term for the right to emit one tonne of carbon dioxide or another similar greenhouse gas with a carbon dioxide ...

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The Clean Development Mechanism (CDM)

DT Graham is a carbon trading and reforestation company with years of experience, robust expertise and global work profile, provides the opportunities to invest into carbon credit trading market to our clients.

Since DT Graham was established it has been working relentlessly to make our earth a better living place with stable economic condition. We focus on finding ways to combine finance with low carbon technology to bring about solutions that mitigate climate change. Our work consists of determining, establishing and commercializing the reduction of harmful emissions (e.g. GHGs) while providing professional carbon counseling and trading carbon credits to our customers to fulfill their industrial goal.


Eastern Java Reforestation

Almost all natural habitats in eastern Java have been cleared over time by logging interests and for agriculture and settlements to provide for …

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The Uganda Rainforest Rehabilitation

The Uganda Rainforest Rehabilitation VCS Project rehabilitates logged rainforest in the state of Uganda at Kibale National Park rainforest…

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